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Environment and health is a key aspect of human society. It is most likely your priority to ensure that your environment is safe and healthy. Stumps can make your environment unsafe and unhealthy for other tree, for your pets and maybe children. Removing stumps becomes a priority health and safety issue. This should be done carefully with understanding of the possible consequence of the available stump removal methods Vancouver arborist review  You can choose from one of these methods to use but after some sound advice from professional stump removal service provider. Any method may look simple but the following environmental and health consequences may be worth knowing.

Natural method

Stump removal services do not have to be hired to use this method. However, if you need to use this method but add some chemical to make decomposition faster, you may need to consult providers of stump removal services. The chemicals that are used are a little poisonous but if it makes you feel concerned, it may be sound to hire a stump removal service provider to lend a hand TCIA This method is appropriate for small stumps that do not cover a large area of land. If that is the case, you may need to apply other more effective methods of stump removal.

Chemical removal

Stumps can be removed using chemicals that increase the rate of decomposition of stumps. The stump is first drilled with appropriate tools and then these chemicals are put to speed up the rate of decomposition. Once the stump is soft and easy to remove, manual methods can be applied to remove it completely from the ground. This method is sound to use for smaller stumps. It would be troublesome for you to remove large stumps using this method. It is best to apply in environment that is free of children and pets.


This method is good for removing large stumps from the ground. It also has harmful can affect the environment. The chips that come from wood when it is being round may affect growth of grass and other covers on the ground. It involves the use of considerably heavy machinery that may be best handled by hiring experienced stump removal services. You need to handle the splinters from wood carefully; this can only be done for you by a good service provider. You also need to have appropriate protective clothing and gear before opting to employ this method.


This may also look harmless at the first sight. But it can actually pollute the environment. This method is not sound if the area from which the stumps are to be removed is large. The effectiveness of this method of stump removal is dependent on the diameter of the tree. If it is too large, a stump removal service may need to be hired.

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